4th December | O2 Academy

After being named BBC’s Sound of 2018, Sam Fender has continued to turn heads. His EP, Dead Boys rose through the charts with its heavy guitar, melancholy vocals and thrashing indie-rock sound. His haunting lyrics spoke of soaring male suicide rates and established him as the voice of a suffering generation. Yet, despite his anti-establishment attitude, his debut album, Hypersonic Missiles, went straight to number one and brought Fender a Critics’ Choice award, aged just 25.

Singing about class, gender and race, Hypersonic Missiles captures the societal and generational issues that we’re all experiencing. His lyrics resonate with an already disillusioned youth and has created any army of loyal fans who love Fender for precisely what other musicians avoid: honesty, integrity and a political agenda. And, like a true activist, he’s received his fair share of hate, receiving death threats from the alt-right thanks to his song ‘White Privilege’.

This hasn’t stopped him, though. He’s embarking on his UK tour. His eighth stop will be playing The O2 Academy, just eight days before the general election (how fitting). In a world where so many musicians choose to be apolitical, Fender stands out and the people are here for it. As the man himself said, “bluntness connects with people, because people don’t have to sit and work it out,” or in this case, stand in the O2 Academy and work it out.

See the video for ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ here: