29th August | Louisiana

Sasami Ashworth has been a musician her whole life. Growing up, she played piano and then horn, studying the latter at a conservatory, going on to be a school music teacher. Be glad that this didn’t last, though: she’s left the classroom for the time being, and we now get to enjoy SASAMI’s beautifully noisy shoegaze. Before striking out on her own, SASAMI was the queen of synth in Cherry Glazerr. Her self-titled debut, released in March, reflects her synth credentials, while showing off her clear songwriting acumen.

Even a quick dip into the album provides richness. Opener ‘I Was A Window’ softly drifts past the eardrums, Sasami’s clear-cut vocals spelling out her woes with candour. But no sooner have we fallen in love with the track’s gentle fuzz, ‘Not The Time’ ramps the reverb right up, taking clear inspiration from My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless.

The pairing of SASAMI’s intimacy with that of The Louisiana is surely a match swiped right from shoegaze heaven. There really isn’t a music fan I wouldn’t recommend her to – this is not a gig to miss. And if you do get down, perhaps she’ll teach you a thing or two.

See Sasami’s KEXP set here: