21st July | The Fleece

For people who are somewhat tired of hip hop’s predictability or a lack of depth; Saul Williams is most certainly the cure. His disposition is not dissimilar to retro hip hop acts like Grandmaster Flash or A Tribe Called Quest whose meaningful and articulate songs demand you to listen and pay attention. His music has taken many guises over the years with infusions of jazz, rock and acapella.

Originally from New York, he graduated in acting and philosophy. Anyone who has heard him perform his ‘coded language’ poem will have heard him reel off the endless list of writers, musicians and artists he draws influences from. The music is close to overwhelming at times due to the sincerity and passion piled into it, in addition to the dense body of lyrics inspired by his many fascination. This has attracted a long list of collaborators over the years, including Zack De La Rocha, Coldcut and Trent Reznor to name but a few.

The beat poet turned actor, rapper and writer is one of those individuals who seems to burst at the seams with ideas and frequently side step from one arena to the next with enviable ease. He originally became known through the New York Cafe Poetry Slam scene where he won an award in the late 90’s before going on to star in the related film Slam.

Tickets available here. Check out the video for ‘The Noise Came Here’ below.