2nd October | Exchange

Lost Map’s Savage Mansion land as an apparition of twisted Scottish streets and laconic, spiny guitars. Having formed initially as a vehicle for frontman, Craig Angus’ sardonic musings and sketches, the band has since expanded to facilitate musicians from the far reaches of the Scottish scene, including Catholic Action and Poor Things to name a few. An initial cassette release in 2016 saw the band experience their first foray towards recognition, thanks in part to the work of Aberdeen label, Cool Yr Jets. Though it would be the Lost-Map-released double A-side ‘Do You Say Hello to Your Neighbours?’ that would firmly place the outfit into their home country’s musical lexicon.

Savage Mansion seem to employ an intrinsic knack for boozy cadences and lofty rhythms that balances itself fittingly with an unmistakably Scottish penchant for wit and colourful diction. The spirit of Glasgow certainly appears to have wormed its way into 2018’s Document EP, recorded at Chem19 Studios, in its manic and often acidic brand of skittish indie-punk. Across its four-track run, a sense of carefree mania and sprawling energy blossoms into an exciting and turbulent journey, pausing only fleetingly to display windows of calm amidst the storm.

The band visits our own Exchange this month, courtesy of Breakfast Records, where they’ll be joined by Bristol mainstays Hamburger and the debut outing of Sun Tzu.

See the video for ‘Situation Comedy’ here: