Photo taken from Scruff of the Neck Facebook

Manchester-based music collective Scruff of the Neck have recently announced themselves onto the Bristol scene, with a slew of new shows being announced in the city.

Started nine years ago in a pub in Chorlton, the company has been promoting shows all over the UK, plus helping the bands from their roster, such as Larkins, Glass Caves and Cassia, to grow and tour.

Scruff of the Neck say that finally starting to put shows on in Bristol is a ‘no brainer’ due to the city being ‘a focal point for many touring bands’, plus being one of the Dot to Dot dates, which Scruff of the Neck say that they are heavily involved in.

“With plenty more in the pipeline over the next few months and well into 2018,  it seems that things have only just got started, and there’s much more to come,” Scruff of the Neck said.

The groups upcoming shows are:

  • The Rupees, Twin Palace and Socket at Crofters Rights, 1 September
  • Elea Calvet, Young Monarch and Sly Palms at Hy-Brasil Music Club, 7 September
  • Why We LoveCorella and James Humphrys at Hy-Brasil Music Club, 5 October
  • Fossette and Zepher at Crofters Rights, 15 October
  • Glass CavesRazz and The Hideaways at The Exchange, 17 October
  • Cassia and BXLY at The Exchange, 26 October

If you want to get tickets to any of the events, or find out more about Scruff of the Neck, visit their website here.