Self Esteem // Photoset

21st March | Thekla

There’s no more suitable way to begin commenting on an artist who recently released a body of work entitled Compliments Please than to say, “Bloody well done, missus.” Breaking the mould of years of recording with Slow Club, Rebecca Taylor’s venture as Self Esteem seems to lack no self-propulsion and is clearly gaining in self-confidence. Flanked with two backing singers, wearing matching #BelieveWomen t-shirts, Taylor blended synth-pop and R&B smoothly. If there weren’t a few nascent girl crushes during the song of that name, then it would be a distinct surprise. For Self Esteem to tour this convincingly with so little material in the bank only bodes well for the future. Photoset by Craig Simmonds.

See the video for ‘The Best’ here: