September: What’s New?

    Each month we’ll bring you three of the freshest acts to catch our ears. Headed by New Music Editor Christian Northwood, check out what’ll be spinning on the Bristol Live Magazine stereo for the month of September.

    Soccer Mommy

    Credit: Ebru Yildiz

    You might have stumbled across Soccer Mommy before, on a late night trawl through Bandcamp. Her intimate, confessional, lo-fi songs caused whispers and excitement across the internet, meaning that the 19-year-old from New York was soon snapped up by Fat Possum.

    Last month, Soccer Mommy – real name Sophie Allison – released her first album Collection on the label. As the name suggests, the record is a patchwork of songs from her previous Bandcamp work, but re-recorded and revitalised. However, none of her original charm or intimacy has been lost, and in fact, Collection showcases an artist that can bare it all and still write memorable guitar pop.

    Chiming guitars complement her lovelorn voice, and nowhere is this more obvious than the fantastic ‘Out Worn’. Quiet but confident, she sighs “I’m sick of living in the eye of the storm”, describing a relationship that has left her at the end of her tether. These powerful pop gems stick within an indie rock template, but with her added passion and unique lyrical perspective, any listener can find comfort in Soccer Mommy’s intimate sounds.

    Holiday Ghosts

    Judging a band on only two releases often seems preemptive, but in just two songs, Falmouth’s Holiday Ghosts have shown a wide sonic palette. Last year, ‘Paranoia’ painted a picture of a bedroom band dabbling in blues, with dusty guitars twanging and impassioned vocals driving the track forward. Latest release ‘In My Head’, however, is a simple, beautiful composition. The vocals, delivered by Katja Rackin, are full of confusion and angst, set against a backdrop of lightly-strummed guitars. The band’s self-titled debut, out this month, will surely show the full breadth of sounds they have at their disposal.


    Sometimes music needs to be a world to jump into – and Hull’s bdrmm’s two EPs provide exactly that. His hazy, idyllic sound welcomes you into new EP Yucky, right from the first dreamy synths of opener ‘GCSE Bitesize’. Glittering electronics and echo-drenched guitars blend with intricate production and shimmering surf-rock to define his artistic output. ‘Happy’ has a fleshed-out sound that provides the EP’s highlight; whirling synths and driven guitars clash together, adding darkness to the bittersweet refrain of “I hope that you’re happy, ‘cus I’m happy”. Take a day off and dive into bdrmm’s world.