30th May | Fiddlers

Picture this: a man walks in with a guitar and a cowboy hat and a plain white vest. He’s tall, he’s giving off one hell of a guitar-picking vibe that is a mixture of all the great folk and American blues players. And he’s from Austin, Texas. He’s also simply in the UK because The Spice Girls are reuniting, as he announced this year with his I’M JUST HERE FOR THE SPICE GIRLS solo mini tour. I’ve never been so excited to hear some Texan talk about The Spice Girls.

Welcome to the wild, guitar-wielding Shakey Graves. He’s a mad Texan with an eclectic Pandora’s box of music to open and he is here in Bristol with his band. The wonderful thing about his guitar picking is that it has led him into a flurry of albums over the past eight years that have collectively become more about his own style of songwriting and performing. There’s quite a chunky part of Shakey Graves that is solid band work – especially on his big folk-inspired album And The War Came. Here you are spun into a bit of electronica in some instances mixed with folk guitar – Texan style. He’s a bit of a non-conformist genius in some ways.

The enigmatic ‘Kids These Days’ from his latest album in 2018, Can’t Wake Up throws you into experimental folk and rock, whilst a wicked music video sucks you into thinking about how generations are baffled by the next one when they show cycles of the past. I do think he just really loved dressing up, especially with those wigs…

See the video for ‘Kids These Days’ here: