Shame | Live Preview


12th January | Rough Trade

Upon reviewing Shame’s last Bristol show at The Louisiana back in October, I found myself at a pleasing crossroads with the London group. Off the back of a few singles and albeit heavy touring, Shame had provided a set that not only ignited unwavering energy within the compact upstairs room, but also exhibited Shame’s sustainability as a group. Following a consistent wave of hype, Shame may have easily followed the path of many others who were at one point in their position, tethering the very last straws of exacerbation and wrought-fulness that they could from the outer tenacity of their music and rode with it until the first hurdle of a record stilted such liberation in displeasure. Yet what was immediate from seeing them live was that their music has sustenance,¬†songs that not only engaged in the pent-up aggression caused centrally by modern mundanity, but actually distilling importance from that and crafting their own voice.

Now at their own crossroads, Shame will release Songs of Praise this Friday, their very first full-length, understandably consisting of the songs that they have effectively modelled from the vivacious expressiveness of their live show. It’s an album that embraces both their caustic approach and a desire to find an inch of feeling, to be understood and empathised with but at the same time not to be taken too seriously as to be seen as making an out-and-out politicised statement of discontent. Songs of Praise is an excellent opening affirmation, and so their show at Rough Trade on the day of its release should stand as such an occasion – not only as a celebration, but a definitive exclamation of their intent as a group with the ideas to back them.

Watch the video for ‘One Rizla’ here: