9th October | The Louisiana

Shame’s rise over the past year could evidently be put down to two distinct elements that successfully interweave. Firstly, their music is contemporarily dynamic, a vitality exudes from them not in a hip, flash-in-a-pan fashion but one of fundamental spirit, a strange notion considering the discernible anxiety for modern life that conducts such antagonistic energy both sonically and lyrically. Secondly, Shame are technically congruous, a band that flit and jive within the blur of their striding rhythmic aptitude and can pull a decisive hook from within such foundations.

Latest single Concrete, their first since joining Dead Oceans, solidified both elements into distinctive, vigorous expression – not only an abrasively capturing single, but one of thematic substance that elicited sustainable importance. The next consideration would be of whether the group could convey such essence live, and through pretty uniform touring this year and last, the group have proven such. Their live show exhibits an uninhibited all-inclusiveness that embraces their perturbation and channels it into a vociferous, almost emphatic live show. What they delve into traces the very foreboding tension that runs through us all, and they aren’t afraid to burst the bubble from which it manifests.

Another lengthy tour beckons, their show at The Louisiana the second date of a tour that seems them venture through the UK, US and Europe by the end of the year, their focus and determination a suitable embodiment of their animated music.

Tickets here. Check out their latest single ‘Concrete’ below.