Shapes ‘Club Lucifer’ | Review


If Shapes want to retain their ‘legendary’ status, they’ll have to go for quality not quantity next year.

Billed as a club night ran by Satan himself, it’s safe to say that Shapes set a high bar with the enigmatic campaign behind their Halloween party this year.

Ticket holders had to hit The Christmas Steps to pick up a lighter which revealed the location of the annual halloween party, and considering the amount of people who couldn’t get hold of a ticket – expectations were indeed high.

Although considering we had previously been promised obscure and alternative locations such as graveyards and churches, the enigmatic nature of the night was let down by the fact that they opted for a well-established Bristol venue this year.

Talk had clouded the town ever since tickets vanished within a matter of days about where the event might be. We were daringly promised ‘smoke, sex and cocktails’, which was realistically matched with a few cages and a smoke machine. It’s not so much that it wasn’t an enjoyable night with great music, but you can’t help feel deceived after paying such elevated prices for something which was just a fancy dress club night at The Bierkeller.

Social media heavily reflects the feeling that if Shapes want to retain their self-proclaimed ‘legendary’ status, they’ll have to go for quality not quantity next year.

Check out a recent promotional video here: