27th March | SWX

With a singer-songwriter style that has propelled her to the forefront of the genre, Sharon Van Etten grabs your heart in a way that few can. While most singers in the genre reflect only on the wrongs done to them, Van Etten turns the introspection on the listener in a devastating way.

On her most recent album, Remind Me Tomorrow, Van Etten’s sound evolves, bringing in a more electronic influence, giving the record a grand and haunting atmosphere. Live, her gravitational pull only gets stronger. For instance, her recent orchestral cover of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘New York I Love You, but You’re Bringing Me Down’ at the BBC Proms is an elegant performance that makes you feel as though you’re sitting in a dingy apartment in Brooklyn after all your hopes have been crushed, but you wouldn’t want to feel any other way.

Van Etten’s performances, like her records, are windows and mirrors, outward facing and  brooding and, with her recent progression in sounds, even more engaging. This sort of modernizing of the songwriter breathes life and excitement with cutting lyrics and swooping movements that would never be if it were left to a lonely guitar, but in the moments where it will be just her and her guitar that gravity and boldness will still hit you hard.

See the video for ‘Seventeen’ here: