7th February | Exchange

What an absolute treat! Two acts that could easily headline The Exchange on their own are joining together for a Wednesday night party that will leave you wishing you didn’t have to go to work/school the next day. Shopping are joined, for one night only, by the supreme LA pop of Colleen Green. With Bristol’s most exciting new group, wych elm opening, 1% of One have booked a show that is bound to be packed with energy and anticipation.

Shopping have gone from strength to strength since the release of Consumer Complaints, their first record, back in 2013. Their minimalist sound, in particular on their latest record, beams with elasticity and groove, intentionally not resting on a rhythm for longer than needed and brimming with anxieties that are exorcised not only through the animation of the music, but also their sardonic and incisive delivery. Out on their first UK tour since the release of their new record, The Official Body, Shopping have a distinctive spirit that they can truly explore within the seamless nature of a live setting.

In the midst of working on their fourth record, Colleen Green is set to share some new music for the first time properly since the release of the liberating I Want To Grow Up, back in 2015. Never having been one to conform, the minimalist approach has always flourished live for Green, their unstated songs able to bristle with purpose as Colleen shreds with abandon.

Shopping and Colleen Green will bring a defiant and positive vibe to cherish at The Exchange on Wednesday night.