19th August | Rough Trade

Back in 2016, Shura shared her first offering in the form of a thirteen-track LP Nothing’s Real. It shimmered, shined and sparkled in its heavy synthesisers and wispy vocals and caused a little ripple in the pop scene. After that, the ripple seemed to dissipate.

Now in 2019, she’s back, more effortlessly cool than three years ago, with her new forthcoming album forevher. Her breakout single, ‘Touch’ in 2014 was an anthem of inclusivity which quickly earned her status as a queer pop icon and the queen of writing heartbreak anthems (sorry, Taylor). She recently came to The Louisiana in the midst of Pride season, but this time returns for an in-store at Rough Trade.

It will be an intimate evening, with Shura (Aleksandra Denton by birth) sharing snippets of the new album forevher. We can expect to hear the expressive and reflective ‘BKLYNLDN’ which looks at same-sex love and desire, and ‘religion (u can lay your hands on me)’ – a track that sways with woozy, drunken abandon. forevher will explore all that is love; what it feels like, how it blossoms and dies, and how we recover from it, all under the spell of a precise synth-pop sound.

We’ll see all you lovers, heartbreakers and broken hearts there.

See the video for ‘religion (u can lay your hands on me)’ here: