Chapel Club – ‘All The Eastern Girls’ | Single Review

Chapel Cub

Chapel Club follow up their appearance on the NME’s new band tour by releasing their third single of the year. Their lack of seeming album activity is probably for the best, as they definitely seem to be a single friendly band. Like The Chapman Family, their sound takes bits of Sonic Youth art punk aesthetics and pounds it through Manic Street Preachers’ Richey-era attitude.

Though they don’t quite take this initial vision all the way, and streamline themselves with a hint of The Cure and The Smiths, bringing in hints of the melodies which those bands were so fond of. The issue on the previous singles is it’s therefore never been either or, and so left them in some odd middle ground. All The Eastern Girls brings them to a happy medium at last, the vocals gaining some soulful warmth and lyrics which aren’t half bad, and musicality which moves about enough to keep you interested but doesn’t confuse the listener. If they manage to pull more of the same out of the indie bag, great things are still to come.
By Nicholas Burman.