Skaters | Preview


“Skaters might not actually skate, but then again they don’t need to in order to be rad as fuck.” claim Vice’s Noisey. After catching the New York trio at Start The Bus in June last year, I can’t argue. Their scuzzy, ragged rock is mile-a-minute and makes for an exhilarating, yet effortlessly cool live show.

The intro to latest release ‘Miss Teen Massachusetts’ is reason enough to get excited for the debut album, with its frightening build-up and warpy, drifting guitars. If that isn’t enough, and it should be, the album was recorded in Electric Lady – a New York studio built by Hendrix – with producer John Hill, responsible for the likes of Wavves. Well, and  Shakira. Plus, who doesn’t get excited about a band with matching pizza tattoos?

The album, ‘Manhattan’, is due for release on 25th February. The band kick off their UK tour right here in Bristol just two days later, bringing fellow New Yorkers Drowners with them.

Listen to first single ‘I Wanna Dance (But I Don’t Know How)’ here: