With their UK tour starting imminently, Sleaford Mods have already sold out multiple venues including London’s iconic Roundhouse; Iggy Pop has described the duo as “Undoubtedly, absolutely, definitely the world’s greatest rock n roll band”.

Between feeding his son and feeding himself, Jason Williamson takes a moment out of his busy schedule to talk their latest EP TCR, Jeremy Corbyn and their plans for the year ahead.

Sleaford Mods signed to Rough Trade Records earlier this year, why the move?

Longevity for one. The fact it is an independent record was a really important factor to us but also that they have a bigger scope for us to spread the word – Asia, Europe and North America.

Your EP TCR is out on the 14th October, would you say your sound has evolved compared to the start of your career?

I wouldn’t say it has too much, the only difference is that we’re playing in bigger venues but still taking about what we want. TCR is about using booze as an escape from life and how it’s a never ending cycle – which is something that we all do.

You’ve recently been involved in a dispute with the labour party, can you elaborate on that?

I think I’ve been suspended. Not exactly sure why but not bothered. Fuck the parties. It’s a broken system.

Do you still think it’s important to have a vote?

Yeah, I’ll still probably vote Labour but if people don’t vote then they need to know why they aren’t. People just need to understand why or why not they’re not voting, you know? I love Jeremy Corbyn and everything he stands for. Love him.

Sleaford Mod’s are known for the raw and insightful words about modern Britain; are you sending a particular message?

No message. Just saying what we want to say – talking about the issues that’s surrounding us. It’s up to the individual listening if they think it’s a message or not.

From the response that you get from your fans and media outlets you’re viewed as a band who represents the working class and addresses societies issues. As you’re getting more recognition and playing bigger venues do you worry you’ll be less relatable?

No, I don’t think so. There aren’t any English artists really do anything that we’re doing and we’re still talking about what’s going on and the end of the day, we’re honest to ourselves – regardless of a small or big venue.

Outside of the band you also act and currently have a Film in development called ‘Lost Dog’ which is a film discussing disabled rights, can you tell us a bit more about it?

The film is about the prejudice and hate crimes against the disabled community, highlighting the issues that are going in the UK right now. We’re crowd funding the film and we still have a way to go so it’s something in development. It’s because people don’t want to see the fucking truth.

What has 2017 got in store for Sleaford Mods?

More music, more gigs and an album. That’s all I can say for now. Keep an eye out!

Sleaford Mods play Bristol’s O2 Academy on November 8th and you can help fund Lost Dogs here. In the meantime, check out ‘TCR’ below.