6th April | O2 Academy

Proletarian rant machine, Sleaford Mods return to Bristol this Saturday. The duo of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn are a kind of absurdist ticking timebomb of working-class ire who’ve become huge over the past few years.

Williamson is the ranting half of this machine, declaiming a torrent of stream-of-consciousness bile and witheringly hilarious polemic in a broad Nottinghamshire accent against the ills of modern Tory-messed-up, austerity Britain. His style is known as sprechgesang, a mix of singing and talking, and is almost like a mix of the late Mark E. Smith of The Fall, John Cooper Clarke, The Streets and a dalek…although Williamson himself describes it as “electronic munt minimalist punk-hop rants for the working-class.”

Fearn, meanwhile, usually stands swaying, bottle of lager in hand, to the electronic post-punk and arcade dub that he organises on a laptop. This soundtrack has got meatier with each album, of which they’ve released an impressive eleven since they formed in 2007. They started to gain international attention with their seventh album, 2014’s Divide and Exit, and with their latest, this year’s Eton Alive, the sound has become less of a punk attack into more of a hip-hop menace: that sparse minimalist beat to a stream of lyrics.

Williamson also does more singing on a couple of the new numbers, and the whole vibe and subject matter of the material, while still on the attack and still trademark aggressive and critical/typical Sleaford Mods, deals with more introspection this time round.

Peppered liberally with streetwise profanity – Williamson has said that’s it’s just the way he speaks and “not just fucking swearing” – the lyrics are marvellously inventive invective. No prisoners taken.

Get ready for the rant.

See the video for ‘Kebab Spider’ here: