Sleaford Mods | Preview


Bad drugs, Weetabix, toilets, unemployment, hangovers and the all-consuming dreariness of low-wage life are some of the lyrical concerns of Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods. Their foul-mouthed rants, delivered by singer Jason Williamson, are underpinned by loose, crunchy beats and they have drawn comparisons with poet John Cooker Clarke and The Streets, not that they give much of a toss. Either way, they are the antithesis of the easily digestible, mass-produced, Simon Cowell-era dross that has come to dominate much of the contemporary music industry.

Despite having formed in 2006, the duo only started to generate media attention outside their East Midlands home with the release of their album ‘Divide and Exit’ in 2014, by which point it was clear that they were becoming uncompromising commentators of life at the arse-end of austerity-hit Britain. Drawing on punk (without using any instruments) and hip hop, their gig at The Exchange will be a chance to witness their incomparable take on modern life.

Check out ‘Tied Up In Nottz’ right here: