The Louisiana | 24th March

It’s a rare occasion to feel so connected to a band, but on Friday night when Sleeptalking played a sold out show at The Lousiana it was hard to feel anything but cosy as the Bristol quintet played both a visually and musically electrifying set.

Effortlessy eccentric, Sleeptalking bring a modern twist to unadulterated rock n’ roll, indulging in the glamour of grunge theatrics and engaging the audience with their flamboyant ascetic. Their onstage persona’s ooze self assurance and yet not once could I sense any hint of arrogance, just pure charisma and the need to have a good time.

As the debut single ‘All Hope is Lost for Now’ sparked a moment of political agenda, their lyrics never seemed so appropriate. United in the bleak message, amidst a crowd of cross generations (a few proud parents were present), Sleeptalking brought a new meaning to the term political party whilst simultaneously doing what few political party keens capable of: living up to expectations.

The lack of barriers gave vocalist Tom Nozek the freedom to immerse himself in the crowd’s energy; his level of showmanship and ability to captivate the crowd combined with faultless vocals is enough to know he’ll find success on the stage, no matter what happens.

Their ability to switch between mesmerizing trip-inducing sounds of 70’s psychedelia and raw, riotous grunge was truly impressive. Between ‘Mourn’, ‘Lazy Bones’ and ‘Glasshouse’, Sleeptalking proved that whilst they may be a rock band, they’re no strangers to experimentation and their catchy pop riffs, Beatles – esque melodies and the unexpected use of a tambourine created a juxtaposed sound that appeals to both the tough and the timid.

Ending the night on ‘Stranger Days’ allowed Nozek one more venture into the crowd where he encouraged everyone to sit down and hold someone’s hand. A nice touch before going into overdrive one last time.

Sleeptalking are relatable, energetic and they’ll sure as hell make you dance. They even managed to get Fred’s mum in the mosh pit whilst his other family members stood back in ‘safety’. It’s easy to see why they’ve been asked to play Glasto by Michael Eavis himself – if they can cause such a riot in a tiny box of a room, imagine what they could achieve in a wet, muddy field.

Check out ‘All Hope Is Lost’ below.