Bristol’s hardest working fuzzy heart-wrencher SLONK is treating us this Friday with a beautiful, warm demo of a previously unreleased and brilliantly titled song ‘Joe, Just Admit You Could Be A Wicked Postman!’

The track has SLONK half-bitterly, half-humorously trying to work out what he’s been doing with his time and what he’ll be doing in five years, whilst also realising that his only dream was to be a postman.

“I wrote it after a friend of mine asked where I saw myself in 5 years time and I realised I have no aspirations besides making silly songs like this in my bedroom,” he explains. “Then I remembered that when I was younger I really wanted to be a postman but didn’t get the job.”

Over lightly strummed guitars, SLONK’s fuzzed voice is left raw as he details his regret that “If I’d applied myself I’d probably be an astronaut”, whilst even his ambitions of being a postman were scuppered after the interviewers misread his “genuine ardour” for the job as sarcasm. It’s these kind of dense, witty and honest lyrics that have made SLONK’s output so absolutely riveting over the projects steady growth.

If this is only the demo, then the fully polished version is going to be one of his best songs to date.

SLONK sneakily released his second album Everything Falls Into Place this week, go grab it now over on his Bandcamp, whilst next week he’ll be releasing a compilation album of odds and ends that haven’t managed to find their way onto a proper album, called Crackle II. Told you he was hard working. Listen to ‘Joe, Just Admit You Could Be A Wicked Postman!’  below: