12th May | The White Rabbit

Hop on down to the White Rabbit this Saturday and you will behold quite the canny little set-up. One-man punk-come-folk-come-low-fi band (but he’ll probably have a load of violinists with him to add that certain je ne sais quoi to the whole affair), Slonk, will be up to his usual party tricks – performing his latest and greatest (and original, and best) tracks on the eve of another upcoming record.

Some may say bedroom-pop, but I rather think it sounds as though he’s been trapped in a small container with the entire Bright Eyes gang and an overactive imagination for a considerable amount of time – and what glorious result. On that magnificent occasion when Slonk ascends onto stage – all starry-eyed and full of wonderment – it all comes see-sawing out in a crescendo of clattering, euphonious instrumental, and fervent, Reed-esque vocals.

Better still, hosted by Breakfast Records, this little shindig will also feature the likes of Brixton’s Cagework and Bristol DIY dream-team, Langkamer. It’s basically the best romantic amalgamation of punk, folk, south-coast fuzz and indie nonsense that you could have ever asked for… And you know what, you didn’t even have to.

At this point, I’m really not sure what else you to be convinced by.

See the video for ‘I’m Pursuing a Career Outside of Conveyancing’ here: