20th October | The Louisiana

You know those nights where you want to stay home, but you make it out the door? Make this Friday one of those, so you don’t miss the energetic, punky Norwegian quartet, Sløtface at the Louisiana. With a slab of the heavy rock synonymous with their home town, Stavanger, and kick-ass indie rock in the vein of Cherry Glazerr, they return to Bristol for their second show of the year, having impressed in support of The Cribs at the O2 Academy in May.

You’d be forgiven for feeling like the world is all acrimonious political divorces, or big-boy leaders sounding off about the size of their weapons at this point of 2017. How timely, then, that Sløtface cast their debut album, Try Not To Freak Out, into the global maelstrom last month. It can either help you make sense of the underwhelming modern world, or help you to forget about it completely, blissfully drenched by the sonic squall.

They’ll be bringing songs like ‘Pitted,’ capturing the spirit of a lary house party and ‘Magazine’ turning the lens back on the media for its misrepresentation of body image and pointing out that, “Patti Smith would never put up with this shit.” If Patti Smith is their barometer, then theirs is a philosophy I’m happy to buy into. And if this is Sløtface’s ‘End of the World Party,’ then you’ll be glad you made it and they’ll be sending us all off with a bang, rather than a whimper.

Check out their single ‘Pitted’ below.