Slow Club | Preview


Back in 2009, Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor stormed the indie scene with their mismatched instrumentation and loveable execution on debut album ‘Yeah, So’. Telling tales of love loss and growing up, their perfectly matched harmonies teamed with Taylor’s drum thwacking and Watson’s knack for strumming an addictive tune or two made them one of the most adorable and catchy bands in recent years.

Their second LP ‘Paradise’ saw Slow Club all-grown-up. Still combining their token pop melodies and sweet harmonies, the folk aspect of their first album was slowly falling into the background as the band focussed on creating a more polished effort. Their new album ‘Complete Surrender’ does this and more – combining influences of Motown and 1970’s pop as well as modern day R&B, this is an entirely new kind of Slow Club.

Teasing us with a title track that attacked from all angles – from Taylor’s more defined, sultry vocals to a string ensemble – this is a pop banger that’ll be spinning around your head for days. Second single ‘Suffering you, Suffering me’ sees the band once again touch upon the perils of heartbreak, showing us that they’ve certainly not lost their talent for penning a brilliant ballad, with Taylor’s vocals sounding more adventurous than ever. Set to be a very special show indeed, The Fleece will serve as the perfect podium for an entirely new kind of Slow Club.

Check out ‘Complete Surrender’ right here: