30th March | The Fleece

The excitement that surrounds the reformation of a particularly beloved band does sadly have the tendency to burn out, fading amongst the continued festival cash-ins and nostalgia of reminiscing on songs you grew up to. This has quite thankfully been the absolute opposite with Slowdive, who deserve to be able to enjoy the spritely anticipation that surrounds them, as they are simply delivering.

The buzz of electric fondness that surrounded the space-age solace of ‘Star Roving’ – their first new music in over twenty years –  was completely merited, the track a blazing treat of adventurous sounds and intimate affections. Having now sold-out (in a very short time, we must add) a veritable amount of these low-key shows across the UK, this is the perfect time to see a band in the midst of not a regeneration but a fresh chapter.

With the expectancy of a new record in our midst following the unveiling of such a beautiful single a couple months ago, there is as much of a giddiness about hearing new music as their is to hear their wondrous past. Even within the fantastic hub of energy that generates within The Fleece for any show, the chance to see Slowdive play within a venue of this size is a riveting and emotional notion – their music evoking such mood and feelings. For those that have tickets, congratulations – prepare yourselves for less of a show, but more of an experience of the here and now.

Listen to ‘Star Roving’ below.