8th November | O2 Academy

There are few modern jazz acts quite as prolific as Snarky Puppy. Since forming fifteen years ago, they’ve released a total of thirteen albums and toured constantly. Yet they’re still a long way off from getting stale.

Snarky Puppy has always been incredibly chameleonic; they constantly change up their sound and switch genres – sometimes within the same song. This is partially thanks to the group’s huge roster of musicians, of which there are close to 25. As soon as you think you have them pinned down, they wriggle free and morph into something else.

Their latest album Immigrance is a perfect demonstration of this. Opener ‘Chonks’ starts off with a slick jazz groove, complete with glitzy keyboards and a funky bassline, before a heavy rock guitar bursts in to change things up. Elsewhere, ‘Coven’ kicks off with a swell of ominous horns before somehow working its way to an almost psychedelic guitar solo a few minutes later.

Not knowing what might come next is not only what makes Snarky Puppy’s albums so exciting, but also their live shows. No song is likely to turn up on stage in quite the same state it was in the last time you heard it.

And in my book, a little – or a lot – of unpredictability is never a bad thing in live music.

See the video for ‘Bad Kids To The Back’ here: