11th September | Thekla

Sophie Allison’s music could be the soundtrack to a coming-of-age film. Not one that glosses over the real sentiment for something more air-headed and grossly glossy, but one that encompasses the actual feeling of anxiety that coming of age frequently involves. You know – that one which unhelpfully envelops you, without asking, as you attempt to traverse the many pitfalls of youth towards a sense of completeness. With Clean, Allison’s first proper full-length release with Fat Possum for her project Soccer Mommy, this exciting musician takes her cutting directness and unwavering openness and crafts a beautiful record of vulnerability, admittance and ill-fated hope. Having toured pretty solidly since its release, Allison arrives in Bristol this Tuesday for a set at Thekla.

Whether through the biting honesty and cathartic release of ‘Your Dog’ or the stunned realisation of self-detachment of ‘Scorpio Rising’, the uncompromising way in which the music of Soccer Mommy speaks to you can be comforting and overwhelming in equal measures. It’s simply a bonus that Allison’s musicianship rings sonorously, wrapping her words around a propelled power-hook like ‘Clean’ or the lingering off-key clamour of ‘Flaw’, as if these words of stark honesty are intended to be shouted aloud, so we’d better be listening.

Soccer Mommy play Thekla this Tuesday, 11th September, with support from Brooke Bentham.

See the video for ‘Your Dog’ here: