Sœur // Live Review & Photoset

17th November | Crofters Rights

Photos: Jess Greenwood

Sœur are rapidly becoming a must-see band, not only in the Bristol alternative scene but also in the UK. Saturday night saw the trio perform at The Crofters Rights, where friends and fans alike progressively packed out the venue. They were able to revel in the outfit’s hometown stint of their national tour.

Starting with the youthful duo, MISS KILL, the twins demonstrated how age pails into insignificance when it comes to generating an impactful noise. Ranging from grunge to slight twinklings of indie, the two were a brilliant opener. They set the tone for a night of surprises.

Second on the roster were Twisted Ankle, whose tongue-in-cheek delivery made for an all-out enthralling performance. Whether it was their frenetic guitar or wild rhythm section, the trio’s charming quirk made their off-kilter set seemingly spontaneous; they certainly welcomed the crowd into their wondrous world. If you’re in need of a punk band who challenge what you expect of a sound, you need to spend an evening in Twisted Ankle’s presence.

Saturday wasn’t the first time that Sœur have sold out a Bristol venue, however, the night marked the release of their (utterly sublime) second EP, Fight. As the three took to the stage, the sense of community that Sœur create was apparent from the start. With their renditions of ‘Left Living’ and ‘No Fire’, the trio were resplendent with abrasive chugging that bounced from rippling bassline to hectic moments.

When it came to celebrating their fresh material, the dual-fronted harmonies came with a sensitivity that reached boundless eloquence, as displayed in ‘Quiet It’. Sœur possess a quality of laying themselves vulnerably bare whilst commanding authority that can’t be ignored. This magnetism that lies in their transcendent songwriting abilities is special and inherently raw. Finishing with their tension-filled title track, the evening catapulted to a close.

Saturday night was one of those events that you simply didn’t want to end. The marriage of Sœur’s already powerful back catalogue with their contemporary, poignant work makes them unequivocally forward-thinking. With their continuous narratives demanding recognition, Sœur’s show at Crofters will remain as an event that many will look back to when they’re a household name.

See the video for ‘Fight’ here: