Solidarity Festival is a bit different to most other festivals that go on in Bristol. It aims not just to bring an eclectic range of music and talks to 300 people in a beautiful rural location, but also aims to raise money for refugees still stuck in Calais.

The festival is run by Under the Stars, a voluntary festival and events group in Bristol and aims to give all proceeds raised from the festival to Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol (CFSB). The group is looking for donations on it’s fund raising page to try an raise the funds to get the project going. The festival will take place next year on the 12th and 13th of August, but the first round of fundraising is starting on 3rd November.

The festival organisers stressed the importance of keeping donations going to Calais: “The original aim of this festival was to raise funds and awareness for the Calais Refugee Camp, known as ‘The Jungle’. At present the camp is running out of much-needed aid and volunteers due to ‘donor fatigue’, so this fundraising drive is happening at a critical time. Although ‘The Jungle’ is likely to be demolished by the beginning of November, satellite camps are already springing up – these camps will be the beneficiaries of the funds raised by the festival.”

A campaign launch party will take place on 4th November at The Greenbank pub in Easton and will feature the event’s launch video, speeches and live music from La Madrastra and supporting artists.