Solids | Preview


I hope there’s space for another scuzzy, articulate noise duo on your playlist. Montreal’s Solids are bringing their fuzzed-out, bloodshot emo to Bristol this May, likely in a hail of glorious feedback.

Debut album ‘Blame Confusion’ demonstrated a knack for the dynamic and an enthusiasm for the paradoxically heavy and uplifting, a sound perfectly suited to the close walls and underground atmosphere of the Exchange. Xavier Germain-Poitras (guitar) and Louis Guillemette (drums) know their way around a melody too, and though the sound of Solids might not bring the summer party vibes they will make you feel, in your gut and in your heart.

You can catch Solids with support from Theo Verney at the Exchange on May 1st. It’s time to fish out your old Dinosaur Jr t-shirt, put on your grubbiest pair of vans and prepare for an hour of powerful throwback alternative.

Check out ‘Blame Confusion’ opener, ‘Over Sirens’, below: