15th November | Louisiana

Although they may seem like new kids on the block, Bristol-based psych-synth-pop (to name a few of their component genres) Some Bodies have been grinding away for the past few months and recording relentlessly. The five-piece might be familiar to those who follow the music scene here pretty religiously. They had a brief flirtation with glam rock with their past project, Sleeptalking and now with a shuffled line-up and after a break away from music, we’ve now been greeted with Some Bodies.

They’ve already shared stages with FUR and Champagne Superchillin and have already released an album (wowzers!). Not bad for a band that have only been on this Earth for under a year. Their freshly-released album, Sunscreen is tinged with nostalgia, lo-fi and even the occasional Beatles influence. It’s dusky, moody and even a bit romantic.

I had a brief run-in with the Some Bodies boys at FarmFest earlier in the summertime. There were about seven people watching their set, most of whom were sat down. It was midday and the first day of the festival. To the other six and to me, it was spiritual. Trendy-glam-twang and woozy synths was a great way to start the morning. It’ll be a great experience to catch them at a venue which is a bit more notorious for camaraderie and drawing in crowds.

See the video for ‘TV Show’ here: