Some Like It Dot | An Interview With Dot-To-Dot Festival’s Anton Lockwood

1.    Dot to Dot returns for its 5th year, has the festival changed much from previous incarnations?

Slight change this year as we are using Trinity instead of anson rooms – which is closed. And adding in Start the Bus. But overall it’s the same idea, lots of artists, big party, one great day! One other slight change is reflecting the tough economic times we’ve actually dropped the price this year.

2.    The festival has always been about supporting new music not just the obvious, bankable festival favourites you see on every other line-up, is it risky booking lots of new bands that the public might not be aware of yet?

We’ve got great faith that the people of Bristol are into new music and are open minded enough to come and check it out!

3. With the festival market becoming increasing saturated, does Dot to Dot still stand out compared to its competitors?

We’re asking people to pay about £20 to spend a day in a beautiful city, other festivals ask for £200 for 3 days in a muddy field or a carpark. So yes!

4. Do you see festivals evolving at all in the future?

Yes and no – I’m sure some new ideas will emerge, and some will fall by the wayside – but fundamentally festivals are about watching great music with your friends and having a good time. And people won’t stop wanting to do that.

5. Whats next for Dot to Dot Festival?

In the immediate future? Sleep! Then start thinking about next year and who we should get to play..

6. Have you got any personal favourites out of the bands playing this year?

Ah, all the ones I don’t say will shout at me! But I won’t be missing Rae Morris or Willis Earl Beal!