13th October | The Exchange

Releasing two albums and a handful of EPs in their short three years as a band proves just how fruitful Connecticut’s Sorority Noise are. They’re a band with a lot to say; bad break-ups, self doubt and a whole heap of fuck you’s are delivered over catchy as heck melodies and the kind of choruses that’ll be stuck in your head for days.

Frontman Cameron Boucher is donning his trademark orange beanie hat tonight, as the band launch into tracks from latest record Forgettable. ‘Dirty Ickes’ is particularly rowdy as the mostly-teenage crowd scream in unison “And I’ve learned to love myself more than I could ever love you!” The band themselves aren’t really into the between-song banter, letting their emotive lyricism speak for itself – and guitarist Adam Ackerman’s on-point hair flicks.

That is until Boucher takes time out of the set to talk about his manic depression. It’s a poignant realism that brings the subjects of their songs into perspective, as Boucher tells the young attendees that it’s okay to be sad sometimes; to have ‘off days’ and to talk about it. Embarking on their finale, the band pay homage to Modern Baseball and Brand New, slipping lyrics from both bands into their own melodies – much to the delight of the crowd, as they thrust their hands into the air for a fittingly emo sing-a-long.

In a genre that can find itself over-saturated with bros and their very samey tunes, Sorority Noise prove their worth with a gutsy and energetic performance; the audience wiping their brows and leaving the Exchange with a giant grin on their faces.

Check out Sorority Noise’s full set on Audiotree below.