Spectres ‘Dying’ | Album Review


Swelling, swooping and sweating with decay, despair and insomnia, while always bristling with a blistering magnesium energy that you can’t quite tear your ears from; Spectres‘ ‘Dying’ is a black challenge to anyone who thinks noise and distortion can’t be nuanced.

Yes, ‘Dying’ has all the hallmarks of a noiseband masterpiece: Unrelenting sound, unexpected everything, the grind of metal things being moved from one industrial dystopia to the next and, in-amongst that, decipherable lyrics?! Do you hear that too? Surely not. It is, though, all pinned down to a deliberate atmosphere; one where you can happily listen to the whole thing on highest volume with a smile on your face, even while your eardrums start to bleed.

While all this goes down excellently over headphones (which are also an excellent way to stem the bleeding), you can imagine it’s the live shows where, being able to throw itself against the bars a bit more, the tumult finds its true home.

This release sits on the lip of what is promising to be an excellent year for Bristol bands and, after hearing this, we get the feeling it’s going to be an ever so exciting one for Spectres — and their lucky, if a little shaken, audiences.

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