26th April | Rough Trade

Earlier this year, a police officer returned to the station and reported that he’d stopped a group of men in a van with blacked-out windows, smearing each other with Vaseline and meat drizzle, all the while filming it. An unusual day for one of our public servants, but just another of Spectres bizarre endeavours to put together a music video. This time it was for ‘Welcoming The Flowers’ off of last year’s album Condition. Released on 12th April this year, the song is being followed up with a tour of dates across the south of Britain.

Since emerging in 2011, Spectres have built quite the reputation for themselves. Not least for the bleak and slightly unsettling videos, but also for the immersive and dizzying sound they weave together. With all the poise of an undertaker, but with the ferocity of a rabid dog, they sit somewhere between a Hammer Horror movie and an epic Sonic Youth jam. Last year’s album, in particular, had an almost regal demeanour to it and started to feel like a film score by the end. Their live performances are by no means any less doom-laden and grandiose as their recordings.

You can hear ‘Welcoming The Flowers’ here: