14th May | The Lanes

Pete Kember brings to The Lanes his trademark synth-filled ethereal sound that made him one of the forefathers of 1980s psychedelia and shoegaze.

When he founded Spacemen 3, Kember was set to become one of the greatest pioneers in 1980s British music. Blending quintessentially dark 80s synths with his love for 60s American fuzzy, psychedelic bands, Kember (with Spacemen 3 first and Sonic Boom later) ignited shoegaze and drone-rock. Kember, along with acts such The Jesus & Mary Chain, started the revival of all things 1960s garage and psych – from fuzzed guitars to mops and Chelsea boots – making their records manifestos of 1980s alt teenagers. Or to say it with Spacemen 3’s words, of all those “fucked-up children in this world”.

Adopting stage names Sonic Boom first and then Spectrum, Kember continued producing first-class ethereal drone-rock after parting ways with Spacemen 3. Maintaining the 1980s underground DIY ethic, he inspired and recently worked with many artistsĀ  including MGMT, Panda Bear and New York duo Vacant Lots.

Legend is a term way too often abused when it comes to describe artists, but that no doubts fits Pete Kember.

Listen to ‘War Sucks’ by Spectrum here: