17th November | Thekla

British indie-rock sensation, Sports Team make their Bristol return with another sold-out show.

Indie music may still be alive, but since the turn of decade, it has somehow failed to attract a varied crowd spanning from underground geeks to mainstream radio listeners. Sports Team seem to have finally bridged this gap, somehow bringing back a sparkle of mid-90s NME enthusiasm for trademark British guitar music.

Nothing nationalistic in this, don’t get me wrong. The six-piece’s storytelling nails contemporary suburban and rural Britain, yet is rooted in the great social pop commentary of Damon Albarn and Ray Davies. Sports Team sing with tongue-in-cheek insight about an England stuck between overly-romanticised memories of the past and trashy modernity, between games of cricket and Jelly Bean air fresheners.

Their infectious riffs and catchy choruses are set to thrill you even further after witnessing the sweaty, hyperactive performance of frontman Alex Ryce, the 90s-sportswear-clad Mick Jagger of our times. However, similarities with Blur rather than The Stones have been drawn on multiple occasions to simultaneously describe Sports Team’s sound and the hype quickly building around the band – just like what happened with the London four-piece 25 years ago.

Although the band hasn’t released their debut album yet, they’ve managed to put out an extensive repertoire of singles and EPs, most of which are already Discogs holy grails. Their November/December UK tour marks their homeland return after an Academy run in support of Two Door Cinema Club and their second North American tour, celebrated with the release of a US-only EP, Making Hay.

With the risk of sounding rhetorical, catch Sports Team in an intimate venue now before it’ll be their tribute act selling out Thekla in the forseeable future.

See the video for ‘Fishing’ here: