26th October | Thekla

It’s Wednesday night; I’m on a boat, swigging cider out of a plastic cup and swaying to the sound of summer vibes. Now there’s something I never thought I’d be doing in the middle of October, but that’s the beauty of the post-punk four-piece that are Spring King.

The Manchester boys definitely caused a serious case of summer nostalgia when they took to the stage at Thekla tonight – and it’s safe to say that the crowd loved it. Opening their sold-out gig with the upbeat crowd-pleaser ‘Better Man’, the boys had everybody erratically rocking out from the minute they started playing. You could feel it in the room that there’s something different about this band – whether it’s the fact that the drummer, Tarek Musa, is their lead singer and front man, or just that their loud-punk/pop sound is so distinctly them. It’s no secret that the band are a breath of fresh air to post-punk music.

Since having their EP City played by Zane Lowe, there’s no doubt that Spring King are having a whirlwind of a year, and I was blown away by the amount of die-hard Spring King fans in the room, singing along to the likes of their top singles ‘Who Are You?’ and ‘Rectifier’. If there’s one thing to be said about this band, it’s that they sure know how to get a crowd rocking out and chanting their lyrics. When the drum intro to ‘Detroit’ started playing there wasn’t a static body on the boat, everybody was crazily bopping and singing along to the lyrics, and just loving the unique atmosphere that only Spring King’s sound can generate.

Slowing down the tempo slightly with ‘Demons’ and ‘They’re Coming After You’, drummer Musa admirably managed to keep everybody bopping and swaying along to the relaxed drum beat and bluesy guitar riffs. Entertaining the crowd with his cool and down-to-earth stage presence, Musa picked the mood back up again with everybody’s summer favourite ‘The Summer’, making the festival season nostalgia reach its peak.

It was clear that nobody wanted this set to end, so when the familiar opening of ‘Who Are You?’ began to play to close the show, the lyric-chanting, head-bopping, and crowd-surfing was in full swing (to the band’s delight). For some a good introduction to the band and what’s to come, but for many this performance only secured Spring King’s place as being one of the best breakthrough acts of 2016.

Watch the video for ‘The Summer’ below.