24th April | Thekla

Anyone who has spent significant time in Swansea knows this to be true: the world is full of shit. But Stella Donnelly, who grew up in between Swansea and Perth, Australia, in her bluff jokes and sprightly guitar tones, flips on their head the evils of this world for an uplifting listening experience. Her debut album, Beware of the Dogs, released in early March, has already found its place among the greats – its sweet tones that leave a bitter taste on the tongue are sure to be hand-picked by critics for the coveted Best Of 2019 listicles.

Comparable by many to the bold Courtney Barnett, Donnelly has something she doesn’t. Maybe it’s an unfaltering optimism that things really will get better, or that special tact in turning jagged protest songs into digestible, impactful music. Either way, next week at our favourite boat by the water, the night is sure to be filled with feminist ideas, causing friction among the right people and continuing to call out all the “pious fucks” that sit on issues that needed fixing yesterday.

See the video for ‘Tricks’ here: