10th May | St Paul’s Church

If you type ‘Stereocilia’ into your search engine, chances are you’ll be greeted with biological diagrams of the inner ear. Something tells me that this isn’t the Stereocilia that’ll be performing an album launch next week. If I’m mistaken on that, it’ll be a pretty hilarious affair either way. John Scott is the face behind Stereocilia; using an arsenal of loops and pedals, he is able to create a hypnotic soundscape which’ll have you instantly hooked – or in a transcendental state. See the live footage available online, and you’d predict that his show won’t be anything short of a carnival of sound, along with visual projections that’ll make you woozy.

For the past six years, John and his one-man show have traveled the globe, along with releasing a few albums in the meantime. His show at St. Paul’s Church will see the launch of his fourth album The Silence that Follows. The first track from the album, ‘Verglas’, has already landed on Earth. It’s a white noise symphony, which is a teaser into his newer material.

I’ve been to St, Paul’s Church plenty of times for various art exhibitions, but never for a gig. The rough, exposed brickwork and archways will manipulate the visuals and the acoustics. If you’re a fan of The Ornsteins, Tame Impala or Waldo’s Gift, get yourself down to St. Paul’s next Friday for a mesmerising series of events.

See Stereocilia perform live at The Lantern in 2017 here: