29th November | The Louisiana

As Stevie Parker and her band weave their way through the crowd and take to the stage, there’s an air of demureness that emanates from them and permeates the intimate space of the Louisiana. Parker’s musical craft carries at once a certain delicacy and defiance that the evening’s performance channels powerfully from the first rich, dulcet notes that the singer delivers.

With a compellingly captivating repertoire of songs, including many familiar ones from the recently released debut EP Blue and earlier singles, Parker’s poignantly emotive vocals soar above the atmospheric instrumentals and enthral the audience.

As the set progresses there’s a sense that everyone in the room, the band included, is entirely relaxed and immersed in this ambient, sonic landscape that glides between moments of swirling, ethereal tones and brooding, layered melodies. Most recent single ‘Better Off’ offers a spellbinding display of Parker’s unique voice that is at once full of swooning, soulfulness whilst glistening with a gentle fragility that reflects her earnest and poetic lyrics.

There’s a rhythmic, mesmeric quality that underpins Parker’s music and as ‘Blue’ is played, this element particularly comes to the fore and highlights the unique magnetism that has been rapidly gathering the talented musician a devoted following of fans.

With her final few songs including the stirringly beautiful ‘Never Be’ and ending on the dreamy, melancholy pop of ‘The Cure’, Parker’s crystalline melodies linger in the air and leave an impression long after she’s left the stage, proving just why she’s gaining such great, and completely merited, acclaim.

Check out the video for ‘Better Off’ below.