Crushed Beaks – ‘Tropes’ | Stream EP


Crushed Beaks are two forward thinking fellas striving for something unusually brilliant. Their debut EP ‘Tropes’ comes jostling through a crowded market with four fuzzy tracks to be truly excited about.

‘Feelers’ is the one that opens it up as a brash slice of noisy pop. Attractively the Londoners haven’t forgotten the importance of clear-cut melody and have wrangled it amongst the speedy tempo of the EP. The self-titled ‘Tropes’, bares all the makings of a feel-good surf track with swift nasally vocals dipped in reverb. ‘Lies’, provides a drifting bit of down-time and ‘Day Residue’ perks up ending on an all-thrashing, all-synth, all-everything note.

This is one of the most exciting EP’s of the year. #justsayin

Stream the ‘Tropes’ EP in full right here: