Ducktails – ‘Honey Tiger Eyes’ | Stream Now


With their best foot firmly forward on releasing ‘The Flower Lane’ earlier this year, Ducktails return with ‘Honey Tiger Eyes’, off the ‘Wish Hotel’ EP released this October.

Like any other recent Ducktails song, ‘Honey Tiger Eyes’ is what you expect by now. It’s an intrinsic mesh of lush reverb, despondent vocals, introspective lyricism, and a title that would rot your teeth for being so sweet. It’s a bit like a marshmallow; soft, sugary, and more of an indulgence than necessary.

Ducktails certainly aren’t stepping down from previous releases, but it feels slightly like they’re trapped in a weird limbo on this one, levelling out after a steady rise.

Sleepy rather than dynamic, meandering rather than driving; ‘Honey Tiger Eyes’ is nothing special to the listener then. It is simply what is working right now, and could quite easily pass as an extension to ‘The Flower Lane’ than a separate standalone outing; considering most of the ‘Wish Hotel’ tracks were also played live on tour this year.

But ultimately, ‘Honey Tiger Eyes’ does beg the question; can you have too much of a good thing? I should certainly hope not, but only time will tell.

Stream the track right here: