Keep Shelly In Athens – ‘Oostende’ | Watch Video Now


After a string of EPs of singles lauded in the realm of the blogosphere over the past couple of years, Grecian duo Keep Shelly In Athens return with their latest single ‘Oostende’; the third release from their anticipated debut ‘At Home’.

As their band name bears a phonetic similarity to their origins in Kypseli, Athens, it seems apt that these phonetic similarities also translate to their music. Vocalist Sarah P’s voice which seems to drift in and out, neither at the fore nor back of the mix, at times can only be captured in lyrical fragments. Yet the feel of the music is overpowering, and an unmistakeable sense of longing is prevalent throughout the track.

Despite its foreboding buzzy undertone and fluttery synth textures, ‘Oostende’ expertly manages to strike a balance between vocals and instrumentation, where neither suppresses the other. It’s certainly a difficult and delicate mix to achieve, where many other “chillwave” artists falter fast.

The subtle progression of the track is what makes this band excellent. Similar, yet evolving; there’s never a clunky transition between one point and the next. It’s one of those songs which you can listen to over and over again and still appreciate for what it is.

Listen to ‘Oostende’ right here: