Wolf Alice – ‘Every Cloud’ | Stream Now


Words: Laura Eley

After monumental breakthrough single ‘Fluffy’ it’s daintier b-side ‘White Leather’ and something-in-between follow up track ‘Bros’ all being released within a few weeks of each other, Wolf Alice are on a roll.

Throughout these tracks there’s been an air of youthful recklessness with gigantic riffs, sun-soaked upbeat choruses and dancably jangly melodies. Latest track ‘Every Cloud’ then is somewhat an anomaly. A hazy, melancholic affair, it opens with lethargic, repetitive synth which seeps into Ellie Rowsell’s wispy, sweet-sour vocal which, on this track, sounds not unlike the dulcet croon of Daughter’s Elena Tonra.

Hollow and echoey, ‘Every Cloud’ is at times interestingly disorientating. Midway layered vocals arch over each other creating a plethora of indecipherable lyrics, sighs and whispers, linking back to their delicate folk roots with early tracks such as ‘Wednesday.’ Loosely pinned by the same synth pulse, the track winds up with a lulling 20 second instrumental fade out.

Although ‘Every cloud’ might be a bit different – a slow grower perhaps – it’s not to be dismissed by any means, nicely balancing out their back catalogue and proving that the unstoppable London three- piece do have a softer side.