Summer Camp ‘Bad Love’ | Album Review

Not a lot has changed for Summer Camp, their sickly sweet demeanour continues to prevail with 'Bad Love'.

LA Priest ‘Inji’ | Album Review

What we have with 'Inji' is the result of many encountered influences, all set to what he calls his 'futurist sonic mosaic.

The Libertines | Preview

You'd have been a fool to think that The Libertines would let their third album arrive without some spontaneous and ramshackle happenings.

SOAK | Preview

When she realised her debut album 'Before We Forgot How to Dream,' it was clear SOAK was special.

She Makes War | Full Interview

Five years ago, Laura Kidd — a.k.a. She Makes War — released her debut album. 'Disarm' was a cinematic, melancholic masterpiece that saw her...

Tracks Of The Week 26

Who's 'gone country'? Who sounds like the cookie monster? Find out in this weeks roundup

Tracks of the Week 48

New year, new music. Or something.

Tracks of the Week 83

If for some reason you had no internet last week, don't worry, we've put all the best new music in one place for you.

Vuvuvultures | Full Interview

Vuvuvultures are said to teeter between two worlds, ultimately sounding like the most glorious pop song pushed into a dark and bottomless abyss. Their debut...

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart | Live Review

To help suppress those Glastonbury blues, many non-attendees of the festival could be found down at The Fleece this past Sunday night to see New York’s The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.



Brasher // Preview


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