The Struts // Live Review & Photoset

22nd February | SWX

Photos: Michael Brumby

With a sold-out venue at Bristol’s SWX, we knew it would be a lively show, but lively was an understatement.

We were thoroughly warmed up by the blue-eyed-soul singer, Kelsy Karter, her brash yet soothing vocals and the hammering instrumentals from her band left the crowd thirstily wanting more. Suffice to say that we were sufficiently charged up for the advent of The Struts.

At 8.15, the headline act literally strutted onto the stage, brimming with the energy and charisma that never receded, receiving a hugely warm reception.

Front man Luke Spiller, in pure glam rock style, was glittered up and dressed in sequinned armour. He darted around the stage, whipping the crowd into a frenzied state. At its peak, the show felt more like midnight at New Year’s than a Friday-night gig.

The band didn’t lose any urgency throughout the show, which highlighted just how much they seemed to enjoy playing live, as much as we enjoyed hearing them. Showing off their performance stamina, you had to wonder just how long they would play if no-one gave them a curfew. Their name might be somewhat of an immediate hook, but with truly impressive guitar work from Adam Slack, backed with heavily intense bass from Jed Elliot and on-point drumming from Gethin Davies, it is no surprise that this band has arisen to become so popular around the world.

The lighting was spot-on as it always is with the skilled technicians at SWX. It was a great accompaniment that captured and enhanced the bands energy.

The Struts have no problem selling out and entertaining large venues; there is a clearly devoted and varied age range of fans. With the summer fast approaching, seeing these guys in a festival setting would not be something you’d want to miss, so keep an eye out for future events involving The Struts. You won’t be disappointed.

See the video for ‘Body Talks’ (ft. Kesha) here: