Submerge Festival, a new, unique event bringing audio-visual madness to Bristol, is this morning releasing 100 all-access festival tickets. Individual tickets will be released later this week, but the all-access tickets are the best way to make sure you see the best events over the weekend.

Taking place between 18th and 20th November 2016, submerge is a festival of cutting edge audio-visual art, live performance and electronic music set to debut in Bristol. Each of the 20 art works on display will be completely unique, featuring a blend of all kinds of electronic music with lasers, light show and much more.

Mike Pony, Artistic Director of Submerge Festival is just as stoked about the event as we are: “I’m excited about bringing international, audio-visual art to Bristol audiences. It’s been a fun challenge to find the perfect places to present these works.”

Events will take place in Coroners Court, unexplored vaults beneath Colston Hall and even an 18th century church.

The likes of Koreless and Rrose will be pairing their music with art, though you can check out the full list, and get hold of your all-access pass, here. 

Listen to Koreless below: