Summer Camp ‘Bad Love’ | Album Review


When ‘Welcome To Condale’ came out, I frankly thought it was the shit: a gloriously self-indulgent, melodramatic, post-summertime affair that soundtracked one month in 2011. Fast forward to 2015 and, two albums later, we realise not a lot has changed for Summer Camp. Their sickly sweet demeanour has prevailed, and mostly for the worse. ‘Bad Love’, for the most part, is an extremely amateurish affair that cannibalises eighties synthpop, fashioning the bloodied and dismembered corpse into a kilo of vintage clothing. Lead vocalist Elizabeth Sankey has never been the strongest singer but, on a few tracks, the abominable synth-lines that emanate from Jeremy Warmsley’s end do us the small favour of kindly masking that fact.

Check out ‘Bad Love’ right here: