3rd April | Thekla

What does it mean to be 22 in 2018? Alongside negotiating an age where adulthood truly begins to set in whether you like it or not, having to do so at a time where the moral fabric of society is challenged on a pretty daily basis can make it quite hard to settle and pursue happiness. Brooklyn trio, Sunflower Bean find themselves at this juncture in life, on top of becoming a band that are, off the back of their new sophomore record, Twentytwo In Blue, becoming a particularly hot topic for more and more new listeners.

The record encapsulates all this into something very current and relevant within their boisterous and catchy pop-rock, defining them as a impassioned and endearingly outspoken band, emboldened with fashionable, modern sharpness.

In support of the group are the increasingly popular Sorry, who recently released their new visual mixtape, Home Demo/ns Vol II. They share their penchant for stark and expressive creativity with their contemporaries, Shame and Goat Girl, and are proving to be able to deliver with the same intensity.

Sunflower Bean have honed their songwriting substantially since the release of their first full-length, Human Ceremony, and with the new record already released, their sold-out show at Thekla this week will be a gauge of just how the band let these new songs loose on a live stage.

See the video for ‘Twentytwo’ here: